“Good once is good always in design, the classics inform the present about the future.”

– Larry Hooke

“Comfort is perhaps the ultimate luxury”

– Billy Baldwin

“Our role is to function as an editor guiding our clients toward the very best version of their lifestyle point of view while providing the highest possible standard of a bespoke quality product”

– Larry Hooke


about larry…

Traditional and transitional bespoke design for home and garden with a focus on lifestyle and quality. Founded over 25 years ago, Larry Hooke has worked extensively on the West coast and Canada for exclusive clients on multiple residences and spaces. Educated in Art History and Painting with an extensive knowledge base of styles and history he brings a formidable metier to projects. Focusing on timeless, classic American design rooted in tradition but firmly present in the modern era with a strong emphasis on suitability and comfort. Every project is customized, edited, and tailored to reflect the clients personality, point of view, and lifestyle.

Larry Hooke attended the University of Washington with undergraduate studies in Art History and Fine Art Painting. He has extensively worked in the creative arts field for 35 years as a fashion designer and stylist for fashion editorial and merchandisers such as Neman Marcus, Nordstrom and other major retailers. He has spent the last 25 years as a prominent luxury residential interior designer for clients and their projects on the West coast, bringing an extensive historical and working knowledge to his work with an ultimate customer service experience.

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